What happens next?

Once you made an appointment, we will start off with some counselling conversations. They are conducted with a psychologist and/or a social worker and, if needed, a mediator. This gives you the chance to talk openly about your situation and your problems and learn about our programs. We will work together to get you the support you need and plan the next steps.

The focus of our counselling programs after the individual conversations lies on a so-called psycho-educational group program. This program follows a fixed course of action that gives information about different afflictions like sleeping troubles. We work together to better understand these afflictions and find strategies to cope with them in everyday situations.

Additionally to the psycho-educational group program, we offer social counselling with a social worker and/or individual counselling sessions with a psychologist.

The program is concluded by an individual counselling appointment.

All programs are free of charge and confidential. If necessary, a mediator can be invited. The expenses for the journey to Dresden for particular cases can be covered.


Social counselling

The social counselling at PSZ Dresden offers counsel on the following topics:

  • Explanation of letters and notifications
  • Issues of residency or social welfare
  • Support for applications
  • Contact with administrative bodies
  • Housing
  • Language and orientation programs
  • Education or approval of educational achievements/degrees
  • Placement in other programs that can be helpful to you

The goal of the social counselling is to work together on your current questions and individual problems. At the same time, we want to enable you to work through future issues on your own.

Psycho-educational group program

The psycho-educational groups meet on a regular basis and with recurring topics. Psycho-education tries to transmit information on different afflictions and individual problems. We also try to find ways for you to cope with these afflictions.

  • We will tell you when to attend the group sessions in your first appointment.
  • The group sessions take place in your language. If necessary, mediators will be included.